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Real Estate (What's cow Fu) and the funds can be invested in order to benefit real estate. Specifically, investment in real estate lending to people with income gains the benefit of receiving rent on a regular basis, we expect less than the amount of capital gains in the real estate purchase. Real Estate Investment Risk "middle, middle return" investment products referred to. Real estate prices have fallen or worse if the prospect of income and real estate had planned due to a decline in rents and vacancy, in some cases the risk of earthquakes and other buildings destroyed, along with the risk that have basically zero chance that the value of land as long as there is very low. During the bubble, was mainly aimed at real estate investment capital, real estate investments and the current mainstream thinking on how the American real estate capitalization as an indicator after the bubble burst. In recent years low interest rates, real estate investment for a period of inflation is considered a good environment. Investment property is divided roughly divided into residential property and commercial property, residential property investment can be said to fall in a relatively stable low rent. On the other hand, commercial property rents are falling heavily when the recession on the other hand if in good yields jump location, and say high risk, high return.

Defined by Civil Code Article 86
Land and its fixtures, and real estate.
Defined by the Act on Real Estate Appraisal
And real estate, land or buildings or means other than ownership of these rights.
The civil law are treated as assets identified as focusing on individuality.
We are former tech heads and full time real estate investors. We wanted to offer the single most powerful tool that helped us launch our investing company to other investors - our website. So take a load off! We are web professionals AND we understand your needs because we are also investors. Think about it. How much would it cost you to hire a professional direct response marketer, copywriter, website designer, search engine optimizer, database programmer and market researcher? $5,000? $10,000? More? What is a proven, turn-key real estate investment system worth to you? How much is it worth to your business? With no Internet presence, you are failing to capitalize on the most powerful tool ever created for real estate investors. Because with the Internet and a web site, your key focus can now be: “how fast can I turn a motivated seller lead into an acquisition?”


I know and love the Boulder area.

I know and love the Boulder area. I grew up in Loveland, CO - went to the University of Colorado and have lived in Boulder since 1995 with a brief intermission when I went to Santa Cruz, CA for a summer and then one year we went out to Firestone, CO for a rehab project.
This background allows me to give my clients, informed and thoughtful guidance about the Boulder, Denver and Colorado Front Range Area.
In addition, I understand from personal experience the difficulties buyers and sellers can deal with, and that has made me determined to overcome, or avoid altogether the obstacles that face my clients.
Buying and selling real estate can be lot of fun - and being a Realtor is more than selling homes.
It is about people, relationships and community. It is about the way we choose to live.
I started my real estate career as an investor.
I was mentored by two nationally known ”guru’s” – one who happened to live in Golden, CO. And I closed over 20 personal deals before becoming a Boulder realtor.
This real world education has given me experience with many transactions both traditional and unconventional such as owner financing, lease options, bank/REO owned and HUD homes.
I believe that educated clients are my best clients, so I dedicate time to laying out options and developing personalized strategies that meet each client's needs.




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